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[['What do you do every day?', u"I am a professor at Washington State University every day my duties changed on a typical day. I am probably working on two different projects within the laboratory. A lot of what I do is computational so I'm at the computer and I also teach here. I teach Gino science as well as contemporary genetics. Each semester I teach one class. I have my graduate degree and PhD degree in genome sciences. All of the research projects in my lab are around genetics and genomics."], ['Why do you love it?', u"I love genetics and genomics and science more generally because I am able to have a lot of different questions and try to answer them. For me doing research is really exciting. I love it because I'm always exploring new ideas and reading new things. I'm often reading journal articles and popular science articles to try and inform my own research on the latest and most pristine research."], ['What were your moments of fear/challenges in your career?', u"There had...

Roma Tretiak

I lead a group called Transparency at Pfizer, the global pharmaceutical company. My job is to share information with the general public about the clinical trials we run to test new medicines and to share the results of these clinical trials publicly. We also share information about the different universities, hospitals and healthcare professionals we work with to develop our medicines.

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