A note from the chair !

I founded the Science Runway with Center for Healthcare Innovation and Women In Healthcare and the Life Sciences as a place where girls could discover unique, meaningful career paths in the healthcare & life sciences industries.

I believe every scientist remembers the moment when they fell in love with science. I was eight years old when I had my science moment- and I never looked back. I spent the next decade figuring out how to balance my love of science with everything else I loved- creating new things, solving problems, teaching, and making an impact. I looked closely at both medicine and research- the traditional options presented to science majors- and ended up carving out my own path in entrepreneurship. Looking back, I wish I had realized at a younger age how many more options I had besides a PhD or a MD.

Our mission at the Science Runway is to help girls realize that a strong background in the sciences can be a stepping stone to a myriad of careers. Our role models are women who work in fields as disparate as pharmaceuticals and politics. These women do everything- from running global companies to running for Congress, from saving lives in the operating room to winning Nobel Prizes.

We believe that every little girl can grow up to be their own version of a brilliant, beautiful woman in science like each of our role models are! There is no single path of science for women; there aren’t two; there are as many as you can dream of.

— Akhila Satish, Chair